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Maria is a native New Yorker who moved to Calgary in the summer of 1988. As a professional keynote speaker and facilitator, Maria has been committed to the personal and professional development of her clients on both sides of the border. While studying with Dr. Alan Wolfelt, Maria discovered the epidemic of buried and carried grief that is spreading through North America. Maria is dedicated to fostering compassionate communities throughout North America by teaching healthy mourning as a pathway to happy living and joyful loving.


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Book: Healthy Mourning, Happy Loving

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Most of us were never taught how to grieve properly. We were told “just keep busy” and “time heals all wounds.” As a result, we find ourselves alone, trapped in our grief. Despite all inner cues to slow down, we press on with our busy lives, not making time for the grief process, unable to remember our loved one with joy for fear of the unprocessed tears and heartache. Learning to hear, honour and trust our inner cues allows us to move through grief with ease and grace. This book teaches us to listen to our inner wisdom and offers practical ways to use our daily experience as a pathway to authentic mourning. When we approach grief in this way, we move through it and discover that we are now able to reclaim our memories, our life and our love. More…

Book: Healthy Mourning for Womb Twin Survivors

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