Message of the Month – June 2014

The month of June in the Sacred Circle is the month of exploring those things that are closest to our heart.  We reflect on the influences and the choices that we have made, particularly in the area of relationship.  For most of us the influences and choices go back to our earliest relationships…those with our mother and our father.  For better or worse, their examples of love…how they expressed their love for each other, how they loved us and how they loved themselves impacted our view of the world and what is possible. 

Often we forget that they too were influenced by their parents, and so on down the ancestral lineage.  There are ancestral beliefs about love that we learned from our parents and our grand parents that serve us well.  There are others that ask to be examined and possibly changed before they get passed on to the next generation. 

It can be overwhelming to think that we were born to correct the mistaken beliefs of our ancestry.  At times I know I feel ill equipped for such a task.  In the moments of overwhelm I remember that I am just one link in a long chain.  I can do my part…and my part is to ask, “How can it get better than this?”  When I ask this question humbly and I am willing to hear the answer I open to the possibility that it can get better and that I don’t have to do it alone.  I open to a generous and forgiving Universe that is eager to deliver good.

This month I invite you to ask “How can it get better than this?”  And listen for the still, quiet voice inside eager to guide you to your highest and best.  If you listen carefully, you may even hear the gratitude and blessings showered upon you from generations past and future.

Joyful regards,