Message of the Month – July 2014

Summer Time Fun in the Sun

Do you remember those lazy, hazy, fabulous days of summer when you were a kid?  I remember hanging out by the cabin that my family rented.  I remember swinging on the swing set to see how high I could get.  I remember playing by the creek fishing out rocks that looked like gold.  I remember picking wildflowers for my Mom and walking with my Dad at dusk to see the deer feeding.  I remember hot dogs fresh off the grill and having to wait an hour after eating before we could go swimming.  Most of all I remember learning to jump off the side of the pool.

After waiting what seemed like an eternity to get in the pool I would hesitate by the side of the water, gripped with fear, not trusting that the adult in the pool coaxing me on (be it my Mother, Father, Grandmother or Grandfather) would catch me and keep my head above water.  I leaned so far over the water I was almost in their arms before ever jumping off the side.  After the initial jump I would get so excited I’d jump out of the pool and ask to go again.  And again the hesitation and the fear…and again I would lean in, only this time not as far over.  Now I was braver.  Now I could lean slightly less and jump slightly higher.  As the afternoon progressed I would get so brave that even if my face got a little wet I would giggle, jump out of the pool, and go again.  This was a daily ritual.  Everyday I had to relearn the trust.  Everyday it felt like I was starting from scratch.  Now, looking back at it, I realize that’s not quite true.  Each day I was building on the visible evidence of the day before, and although I didn’t start from where I had left off the day before, I also wasn’t starting from where I began the day before. 

Change and growth can be a slow process when we require ongoing visible evidence of our safety before we are willing to take the leap.  The definition of “leap of faith” is that at a deeper level we trust that we are safe and so we are willing to jump.  I am comforted by the memory of how patient my family was with me as I developed the confidence to jump off the side of the pool.  I am humbled when I think of the patience Spirit has shown me as I develop the confidence to take the leaps of faith that life now asks of me. 

I wish you all joyful leaps into peaceful waters this July and throughout the year.

Joyful regards,