Message of the Month – August 2014

It is August, the month of abundance.  Many of us enjoy the riches of the season without giving gratitude for all that had to happen to allow the seed to grow, to flower and to fruit so that we may enjoy the lushes and juicy flavours.  Gratitude for the rich soil, the rain, the sunshine and the farmer enriches our experience and lifts our vibration to receive the bountiful harvest. 

Recently on Facebook there has been a challenge sent around.  The invitation is to commit yourself to a daily practice over the course of a week of posting 3 things that you are grateful for.  I invite us each to take up this practice for a week, whether we post our gratitude to Facebook, write it in a journal or share it with a friend.  Gratitude is the gateway to experiencing abundance in every area of your life.  Let’s take up this challenge together and see where it leads.