Message of the Month – July 2015

My favourite Joseph Cambell quote keeps showing up, “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek.”  How does one summon the courage to step into the cave when fear is screaming in your ear?  A Course In Miracles says this is the time to get quiet and listen to the still quiet voice that is whispering.  As I listen I hear, “There is something that has brought you to this cave.  There is something that keeps you curious about what is inside the cave.  That curiosity will lead the way if only you allow it to lead.”

The fearful voice, often the scared child who does not know which way to turn, will have her say.  She doesn’t want to go into dark places where she doesn’t know what to expect or how to behave.  She doesn’t want to risk getting hurt.  The sobbing begins, past hurts come pouring out.  In the conversation the child is allowed to voice her fears, and that alone begins the healing.  The wiser, compassionate me steps forward to hold her hand and cradle her heart.  She speaks with calm authority, “We’ve learned so many lessons, we have so much to offer and so much yet to discover.”  Suddenly the cave that was frightening becomes an oasis of possibility.  Adventure and curiosity win the day.

What conversation is brewing inside of you?  Which voice is guiding your choice?  When fear wins the day our lives begin to shrink, the divine spark seems dimmer.  When we open to love all is possible in ways we can’t begin to imagine.  For today I choose to step into the cave and discover the possibilities.  Tomorrow I will once again have the choice and the conversation.

Happy July!