Message of the Month – August 2015

It is August, time for summertime visits, relaxing vacations, family fun in the sun…but what happens when personalities clash and fun family outings become a clash of wills and personalities?  It is challenging for sure to find ways to speak your truth with people who know you so well.  Particularly when you have not been together for some time.  How do we help others discover who we have grown into?  I had a friend who once told me that she had done amazing amounts of work on herself, had developed into the woman she wanted to be.  She was excited to go home for thanksgiving and be who she knew herself to be with her whole family.  Then she went home and “discovered who the real turkey was”.  We are so hard on ourselves sometimes.  Old habits die hard.  Ways of communicating that do not serve are just that, bad habits predicated on false beliefs.  Why am I talking about this?  Because I am currently visiting my mother.  How easy it is to fall into old patterns of behavior.  My invitation to myself and to all of you who may be experiencing this same challenge is to open to a new a possibility.  May we speak our truth with love in our hearts, peace in our minds and curiosity about the other persons reality guiding our thoughts and actions.  And may we discover that communication is not as scary as we once thought.