Whether on-line or in person, we facilitate workshops on converting grief to mourning throughout the US and Canada. To keep up to date on where and when these workshops are held, please like our facebook page, subscribe to our mailing list or watch our calendar for upcoming events in your area.

On line programs are scheduled to be launched in Summer, 2019.

Healthy Mourning, Happy Loving

In the grief phobic, mourning avoidant environments that most of us living in, most of us have never been taught the difference between grief and mourning and the importance of converting our grief to mourning. This workshop focuses on the importance of converting grief to mourning, the ways to do it and the benefits that come from it. Note, book launch and on-line training is expected in Summer, 2019. To pre-order the book, please click here.

MK Facilitations does a special 3-hour seminar of this talk in partnership with Funeral Homes. Often this is an afternoon or evening gathering of former clients who are needing aftercare support. It is also an opportunity for Funeral Homes to market their pre-planning packages. For more information or a proposal, please contact MK Facilitations directly.

Companioning Womb Twin Survivors

This is perhaps the most disenfranchised of all of the griefs. Little is understood of the pain a womb twin survivor suffers. Many only discover they are a womb twin survivor in middle-age. After discovering the truth of their womb story, they suddenly have symptoms of grief they have never known before. This workshop is specially designed for womb twin survivors and those who love them. It is a gentle exploration of what it means to be a womb twin survivor, how being a womb twin survivor has affected their lives and how to work through the very unique grief they have been burying and carrying. Note, book launch is expected in Summer, 2020. To pre-order the book and companion journal, please click here.