Maria Kliavkoff Talks on CD

“Just got my CD.  Thank you.  Had a good listen.  What a lovely, trustworthy, wise voice she has.”      – Kari Phillips

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TALKS $15.00 Sacred Circles $20.00
There is Love Series  Twelve Positions
  • The Troubadour
  • One: Pioneering, a Study in Risk
  • Loving Remembrance
  • Two: Relationship Without Sacrifice
  • The Rebirth of Man and Woman
  • Three: Communication
  • I am Love
  • Four: Building a New Foundation
Making Miracles Series
  • Five: Transformation
  • Making Order out of Chaos
  • Six: Matters of the Heart
  • An Enthusiastic YES!
  • Seven: Sacred Re-Connection
  • Surrendering the I
  • Eight: Abundance
  • Living the Miracle
  • Nine: Letting Go
Living Series
  • Ten: Reframing and Rebirth
  • Living – An Exercise in Trust
  • Eleven: True Partnership, True Leadership
  • Living a Balanced Life
  • Twelve: Intuition
  • Living Compassion
  • Living Connection
  • Living in the Flow
  • Living in the Moment
  • Living, Laughing, Loving
  • Living Leadership
  • Living Light
  • Living a Life of Abundance
  • Living Your Best Life
  • Living Your Heart’s Desire
Other Talks
  • As I Give, So I Receive
  • From Burden to Bliss
  • From Shadow to Light
  • The Greatest Love of All
  • Imagination: Pathway to Possibility
  • It’s All About Faith
  • Living Your Dreams
  • Mind the Gap
  • The Miracle of Hope
  • Miracle of Love
  • New Year, New You
  • Nurturing: The Essence of Mother
  • One More Door
  • Present and Accountable
  • The Real Question…Are You Willing?
  • Reaping the Harvest You Sow
  • Sharing Your Gifts/Living Your Dreams
  • Time is on My Side