“Wow – that was fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Position 3 Communication) I would like to listen to that one over and over.” ~Alison Bush, Bragg Creek, AB

“The Sacred Circle is a phenomenal model for experiencing ones self where you are how you are relating to others in an accountable way. Experiencing this all within the concept of group mind enhances it even that much further. The Living Happy Webinar series as developed and hosted by Maria K is a thought provoking way to examine being happy in many ways, of accepting oneself and thriving.” ~Bill Arnall, Calgary, AB

“Maria’s Happy Living Webinar reminds me that living joyfully is a choice I can make every day. The workshop is a wonderful blend of insight, inspiration, warmth and humour.” ~Megan Reed, Salmon Arm, BC

“Maria: Thanks so much for the gift of your Living Happy and Sacred Circle series. Each session provides me with tangible new learning that I have been able to immediately use in enriching my relationship with myself and others. I continue to develop a deeper understanding of our connected world and my journey within it. Your intuition in facilitating your participants’ experience continues to amaze me and the gentleness you bring to each “ah-ha” moment is inspirational. My deepest gratitude to you and your team.” ~Alison Bush, Bragg Creek, AB